BSI Maxi-Cure Extra Thick Glue 14.2g (1/2oz)



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BSI Maxi-Cure Extra Thick Glue 14.2g (1/2oz)
Maxi-Cure Extra Thick CA is the best CA for most plastics, including GE’s Lexan Maxi-Cure, is the best choice for plastic model assembly. When used with Inst-Set, it works better than any putty for modifying or filling voids. It can be carved with a knife or razor blade and sanded and feathered to form a finish indistinguishable from plastic. Maxi-Cure bonds fibreglass, hardwood, metal and rubber better than any other hobby adhesive. For gluing to the inside, cloth textured surface of fibreglass, scrape the area to be bonded with a razor blade or course sandpaper before using Maxi-Cure or any other adhesive. It also is best for bonding the tyres of R/C cars. Maxi-Cure has proven to be very popular in the archery business for the fletching of vanes onto aluminium and carbon arrow shafts. Along with being the strongest, Maxi-Cure is usually the least expensive option of this application.

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